March 25, 2008

j0400289 Here’s a link to a good article to get you started on spring cleaning: http://www.styleathome.com/styleathome/client/en/HomeGarden/DetailNews.asp?idNews=2570&IdSM=246

Be sure to reward your hard work with something pampering!



March 5, 2008

j03998501.jpgThere’s not a lot of sun streaming in my winter-weary windows these days. It’s been a long winter here in Nebraska. But I am clinging to the knowledge that spring is getting ready to show her sweet face.Trust me, that day can’t come soon enough.

One of my favorites rites of spring is taking a couple hours to remove the vestiges of winter from my windows – then standing back to let the sun shine in.  Here are some tips to help make you — and your windows — shine.

  • Choose a cloudy day to wash your windows. Sunny days cause streaks.
  • Before washing inside windows, put a towel along the sill to keep the floor or wall from getting wet.
  • Mix a solution of 1 tablespoon clear ammonia, 3 tablespoon rubbing alcohol and one quart of warm water.
  • Using the solution and a clean, lint-free rag, clean the window thoroughly.
  • The best tool to get streak-free windows is to use a professional grade squeegee. Wipe the rubber strip with a cleaning cloth and make horizontal strokes, overlapping slightly to remove the cleaning solution. Wipe the blade with a cleaning cloth after each stroke.
  • To make your windows really sparkle, polish the glass when it’s nearly dry with a piece of newspaper or clean blackboard eraser.
  • Don’t forget to vacuum the window frame and sills and wipe it down to remove spots and smudges.
  • For exterior windows, you may want to begin by spraying them down with a garden hose to loosen debris. Then follow the steps above.

Now grab a tall glass of tea enjoy the sunshine!