Stash it? Trash it? Or CASH it?

Too much STUFF? Too much stuff? You’re not alone.

Our families are getting smaller – but the top reason people move into a larger home is so they’ll have more room for their stuff.

Combine that with another scary statistic… the average person spends 4 1/2 hours a week looking for stuff they can’t find.


I can think of many things I’d rather be doing this week than looking for a lost shoe.

So – if you are sick of the clutter but don’t know what to do with it – listen up. The next few weeks, I’ll provide some guidance.


Give the stuff you’re not using to a charitable organization and reap the rewards on April 15th.

Inventory your donation using It’s Deductible and you’ll be amazed what that bag of stuff gleaned from your closet is worth. And, never fear, the resale value of non-cash donations in It’s Deductible has the stamp of approval from the IRS.

The first year I used this tool, we were able to claim $5,124 in non-cash charitable contributions.  A lower tax bill – AND a clean closet.

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