413-03854 One of the first things we learn as a professional organizer is the importance of making lists. Unfortunately, I am soooo not a ‘list” type of girl. I had convinced myself that making lists takes away the “spontaneity” of life. The zest. The fun.

It’s also not fun to find that you’ve forgotten to buy eggs for the third time at the grocery store. Or toilet paper.

Just as our homes can easily become cluttered, so can our minds. And as we age, there’s much less room for clutter. We have enough trouble remembering our family members cell phone numbers.

So… I’ve made myself become a list person.  And one of my first lists was a magnetized pad on the refrigerator to jot down needed grocery items.

I love this list for many reasons. It’s cute. it’s funny. And it works.

My favorite list, however, is my ‘NOT to-do list.” More about that in an upcoming post.

Do you use lists? If so, what’s your favorite?

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