j0280956 How is it that we (women) often find ourselves with a closet full of clothes and NOTHING to wear?

A word advice. Don’t ask your husband or boyfriend this question. Men have trouble understanding a woman’s secret desire to put those little size rings in their closets like they have in department stores. Maybe something like – 8, 10, 12, “none of your business.” It would make it so much simpler to find those clothes we MIGHT fit into one of these days.

As your clutter coach, I have a better idea. First, spend an hour or two today replacing the winter clothes in your closet with spring duds. While you are at it, remove all clothes that…

  • don’t fit or are not flattering;
  • you don’t like or are uncomfortable;
  • are stretched out, shrunken, faded or stained;
  • you haven’t worn for a year; and
  • need to repaired or dry cleaned.*

If you do this with detachment, you will have a closet full of clothes that you can wear. On the other hand, if your closet is empty – you have an excuse to go shopping.

I so love a happy ending. : )

*Put these items aside to make necessary repairs or drop off at the dry cleaners.

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