Sentimental Journey

j0427846 So what’s cluttering up your storage space for sentimental reasons?

  • Maybe it’s the Easter Bunny canister from your Aunt Shirley…
  • Or that needlepoint plaque stitched by your college roommate as a wedding gift…
  • It might even be a box of greeting cards from Christmas’ past.

Although these sentimental items have served no useful purpose for many years, you are loathe to get rid of them because of the person or memories attached the the objects.

If this scenario sounds familiar, I’d like to pass along a piece of wisdom it took me way too long to understand.

People are not their stuff. And just because you are getting rid of gift from a cherished friend or relative, doesn’t mean you are getting rid of the relationship – or the memory.

I think it’s also important to remember that we are not honoring a person by stashing their gift in a box in the basement. Instead, pass these items along to a friend or charity so someone else can use and enjoy them.

Isn’t this is a better way to honor those who are dear to you?

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