Seasonal Shift

MP900430776[1] Fall provides an abundance of delights. Crisp apples fresh from the orchard. Hayrack rides. And, of course, nature at its colorful best.

Fall is also an opportunity to take stock of your own and your family’s wardrobe as you shift summer duds for cozy sweaters.

Three steps to a functional wardrobe:

  • As you pack away summer wardrobes, consider donating or pitching any clothes that are not worn or LOVED.
  • Apply the same test to the fall clothes which come out of storage. If you don’t LOVE the way it looks and feels, pass it on.
  • Finally, when storing out-of season clothing, remember three words: Clean, cool and dark. In other words, make sure clothes are clean before storing in a cool, dark place.

Your reward: An end to the complaint, “I have nothing to wear!”

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