April 15, 2008

I came across a new service that not makes it easy to save money — it’s FREE. It’s called Price Protectr.

Here’s the scoop from their web site:

There are lots of stores out there that offer price protection policies — when the price drops on an item you’ve purchased, they’ll refund you the difference. But there’s a catch… it’s up to you to watch prices.
Price Protectr makes it simple to keep track of your purchases and get your money back. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s free and easy money.

How does it work?

Apparently, you just look up the item you bought from the online site — like Costco, Staples, Sears, etc. — then give the link to Price Protectr. The site’s “elves”  promises to send you an email if the price drops so you can get a refund. (They also promise not to sell your email addy or spam you.)

Cool huh?  

BTW -there’s also info on the site alerting you to good deals and discounts. This is soooo making me want to shop!