Why I Spell my Name Funny

February 28, 2008

question-mark.jpgPeople are always commenting about the unusual way I spell my first name. I usually say, “There’s a story behind it. I’ll tell you someday when we have more time.” Today’s the day.

I have kind of a quirky personality that manifests itself in some rather unusual ways. How I chose to spell name is one of them. I figured since my real name is Cynthia, I was free to rotate the way I spelled my nickname (Cindy, Cindi, Cyndi, Syndy. Sindy, Cindee, Cyndy, etc. ) depending on my mood. I thought it was just fun — but it drove most people crazy — especially when I began my speaking ministry. Event organizers would call me with panic in their voices, “Oh dear! Cyndy I am so sorry! I think I may have your first name spelled incorrectly in our publicity material. I saw it at “fill in the blank church” and it was spelled differently.”

I would quickly attempt to allay their fears by explaining that they were free to spell my name any way they pleased. After all, that’s what I did. Most event planners were not amused. I think the people with the administrative gifts needed to successfully plan events are not the type that “get” this kind of creative expression.

When my first book was scheduled to be released, my publisher insisted I make a decision about the spelling of my name — and STICK WITH IT. Publishers may have a greater understanding of “creative types” but they have limits. ONE spelling of an author’s name is one of those limits.

So what to do? So many choices… Was I a Cindi? Or a Sindee? Or perhaps the traditional Cindy? Maybe I should just stick with Cynthia? I decided this was too big a decision for me and asked God to PLEASE HELP! My answer came (BIG SURPRISE!) from the Bible.

I happened to be studying the life of Abraham in Genesis. I noted that God changed both Abraham (formerly Abram) and Sarah’s (formerly Sarai). I noticed that God removed the “i” from Sarah’s name when she quit relying on her own wiles and began to trust God.

I began to think about the traps people in a public ministry often face and how easily pride can seep in. I knew how much God HATES pride. And I so hate disappointing God. I also knew that any success I might have in the future would be because God allowed it — and I also knew that dependence on Him was the power behind my minstry. Most importantly, the whole reason I was writing and speaking was to glorify HIM — and build up HIS body.

RIGHT THEN I HAD MY ANSWER. I took the “i” s out of my name and replaced them with “y” s. Now each time I see my name on a book or in publicity materials advertsing an event I’ll be appearing at, I am reminded that it’s not at all about ME — it’s about YOU, LORD.

So please spell my name correctly — Cyndy — with TWO powerful reminders that there is only room for one “I AM” in my life.