Snow Day Survival

February 5, 2008


Here in Nebraska, we never know when a snow storm is around the corner. For parents, whether working at home or away, snow days can be a challenge. Here are some tips gathered from parents to help not only survive – but thrive – the next time a storm has you stuck indoors. 

Snow Day Co-op

This can be a life saver for parents who work outside of the home. Make a pact with two or three other families to take turn caring for each others’ children on snow days. It’s easiest if families live nearby.

Mad Science

Here’s what you need: small-mouthed jar, a little vinegar, baking soda and some balloons. Put an inch of vinegar in the jar. Put two teaspoons of baking soda in a balloon. Attach the balloon to the jar.

Now watch as the balloon inflates!

Throw a Surprise Party

One mom says, “A while back I needed something to overtake my daughter’s boredom. So, I surprised her with a party. Just the two of us. I don’t remember what the made-up reason was. I got out left over party supplies and she had a blast!”

Build a Fort

Turn a room into a fort by hanging curtains across a doorway. Have the kids pread old quilts on the floor and pile pillows in the doorway for a barrier. One mom says her boys spent all of one day playing in their fort with their plastic army men and little cars. “I brought in lunch on paper plates and let them have mess call there, too.”

Ask the Girls Over for Tea

Brew a pot of tea or make some hot chocolate and ask neighborhood moms and their daughters over for a tea party. Store-bought or homemade cookies can round out the feast. Have the girls bring their dolls to sit with them at a specially decorated table while the moms enjoy time to chat.